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Monday, August 29, 2011

"Jeremy, pass me the salad pot please"

After losing a lot of great Farmer's Market weekends with an injury that laid me up for weeks I have been very disappointed in what little of my experiment I accomplished.  In April I had big dreams that by down my freezer would of been stocked and our basement pantry shelf would be lined with goods. Maybe that was a dream a little too out of reach, I have never tried to properly preserve or freeze foods before.

I am not completely down on myself.  For all the weeks I was not out of town or injured I made it faithfully.  Twice in the rain and once on crutches....and even more times with a hangover, getting up earlier than I ever would want to on a lazy Saturday.

Looking forward, I am still not at a place I can devote the attention I need to a fall garden nor the skill level.  Not sold on CSA's yet, I love the idea but not the limitations on food selection in fall/winter.  One thing I am going to attempt is growing some different salad greens in some plant pots.  Won't be a full investment in gardening, but it might be a nice trial run  to see if I have any sort of green thumb. has some great container ideas, including pots (that I have failed to grow flowers in) that might be enough to keep the rabbits out and get a healthy side item on the dinner table each night.

Lettuce was one of those things that was hard for me to keep up with at the farmer's market.  I always got some much of it and then trying to wash it and keep it non-wilted by the end of the week to get a few lunches out of it wasn't working for me.  maybe going out and plucking off a meals work will.  We will see!