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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Breakfast at Sunrise

The following weekend I surprised Jeremy with a farm fresh breakfast.  We found an awesome guy at City Market that we try to always buy from.  I got eggs from him.  I had been very weird-ed out by eggs that aren't refrigerated but decided to go for it, started out by only cooking with them (adding them in recipes that called for eggs).  I finally got up the courage to make some omelets.  I was so ecstatic to see the bright and beautiful shades of yellow & orange of my finished omelet. It was as beautiful as the morning sky was that same spring day!  In the omelet, and also from the market was: grilled zucchini, tomato, and green onion.  On the side some turkey bacon and a tall glass of Shatto milk.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I would walk 500 miles....

Actually I wouldn't.  No way, wouldn't make it.  I barely make it 3 miles in this heat.  I don't feel bad about it, our two dogs want to take a rest after a 3 mile walk in June.

I will however buy and cook food grown within 500 miles of where I live.  I was very pleased two weeks ago to finally have made an almost complete meal from locally grown foods, and I did much better than the 500 mile DGD (day-goods-distance) allowance.  Everything from the milk, herbs, and vegetables are were grown within a 2 hour drive from my house.  The only thing I didn't get locally was the chicken but it was organic.  here is what was on the menu:

Honey broiled chicken (honey was local)
smashed red potatoes and turnips (Shatto milk used)
Sauteed snap peas