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Monday, April 18, 2011

The colors of the rainbow are still in the ground

I looked out my bedroom window yesterday afternoon to see one of my neighbor's tilling away at her garden.  She has been doing that non-stop for days now.  I am impressed with the care and concern she has placed on each of her garden boxes.  I inquired  to how she was doing and she still seemed excited to be gardening. I see life sprouting up which is such an accomplishment on its own.  She has about as green of a thumb as I do, so for one week in and there still to be excitement in her voice was impressive to me.

I wanted garden boxes.  I asked Jeremy to construct them for me but they never did get made.  I am as much to fault, I didn't press hard for them.  I am taking on local food and Insanity work out already.  I don't think I can add laboring the fields (or shall I say 4' x 4' boxes) to the mess as well.

Since my "official start date" has been pushed back I didn't head to the farmers market this week.  My observations from not going:  I can see how dependent I am on going to be on weekly shopping.  I went to Wal-Mart to get items for the week and I didn't want to buy fruits and vegetables from them.  I felt like a traitor already...I am trying to eat as near to perfect of a healthy diet as I can for Insanity and for my own health.  That left me with the drabbest looking shopping cart of food.  Oats, plain yogurt, granola, and cottage cheese made up the basket. The depressing lack of color would be helped out if I had some fresh fruits to mix in with them.  Like I said, I could bring myself to by them at Wal-Mart so this week will be plain and bland.  I guess that will get my butt in gear for an early trip to the market on Saturday.  Wal-mart itself is not keeping with my goals.  Nothing at Wal-mart is local but they have a surprising "organic" and natural selection to choose from and at a cheap cost.  I have to remember cost is not the goal.  I don't want to raise my grocery bill by any means but the idea of corporation is what I am trying to remove myself from.

I feel like my head is spinning a bit, trying to incorporate the Insanity workout/eating, along with my shopping local experiment.  Maybe I took too much on at once?  It seems like they should go hand in hand but right now I am not connecting the pieces.

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Kristi said...

we have our garden in our backyard...spinach, carrots, radishes, okra, green beans....needless to say, the only thing worth a damn at the moment is the spinach and it is yummo! My radishes are starting to seed out, meaning I need to pick them but they are pretty pathetic in size. Green beans are around to bear fruit but the carrots are pathetic and the okra isn't doing much. Needless to say, I don't think the 100+ degree heat is doing the garden much good even though it is watered every other day or so.
Keep with your plans for a little garden, despite my's worth it when it produces.
I have to say, I enjoy my flowers I planted. Even had some resprout from last year....yippee!!